Black Liberation Fund


The mission of the Black Liberation Fund is to free the community. The  Black Liberation Fund works to alleviate of the obstacles and hardships that the stigma of incarceration brings to families and incarcerated persons. Working from an abolitionist lens the organization offers direct services, education, advocacy, and resources.



The Black Liberation Fund envisions a world without mass incarceration and the institutions that currently support it.  We offer resources and sustainable alternatives to incarceration through programming, community partnerships, and advocacy  to support families and communities affected by prison industrial complex. We are building  our own healthy and sustainable communities.



The Black Liberation Fund is currently supporting the 30 people that they have helped to get free from imprisonment and building lasting infrastructure that includes a volunteer base of supporters. Currently, the need for the Black Liberation Fund is continued fundraising for sustaining needs for those helped and expansion into recidivism and post-incarceration work. Also, BLF is looking to connect with other abolitionist and incarceration resource organizations to build our network of resources. If you have any questions email us at blackliberationfund@gmail.com.

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